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Metastorm BPM 9 Design Flaws Jerome 1,158 0
by Jerome
eEvent and eAlert primary keys should not be clustered Jerome 1,791 2
by Jerome
Lock Time Out BMellert 261 2
by JoeOmerta
Clustered FolderId index causes fragmented indexes and tables Jerome 1,543 4
by Jerome
New columns on portal praxkan 1,558 8
by praxkan
Table Default Value/Binding JD 951 4
by JD
New field behaviour in version 9 forces a rewrite when migrating Jerome 1,269 2
by adellehalk
Folder Id joins need conversion in version 9! Jerome 1,172 0
by Jerome
eWait Queries not using the index Jerome 1,217 0
by Jerome
Ugly dropdowns just got a makeover Jerome 1,264 5
by erschiavo
Assignment collection items are added back-to-front Jerome 1,400 8
by Jerome
Call to arms: Can we display the results of a web service in a grid? Jerome 2,448 2
by Jerome
Deploying to different databases Jerome 1,921 11
by shoes
Adding a paramter to a flag breaks all existing usage Jerome 1,068 2
by Jerome
Is it just me, or is the new Users & Roles facility really that bad?
1 2
Jerome 1,880 16
by LJ
RaiseFFlag Visual Script activity requires an object array Jerome 1,033 0
by Jerome
users can mess up my nicely ordered grid Jerome 980 5
by Jerome
You cannot create a Business Object using a Web service Jerome 2,568 6
by Muffy
cannot get to 'insert' button in edit grid with tab Jerome 1,546 1
by BMellert
action buttons look exactly the same as form tabs Jerome 832 2
by Jerome
Retreival gets the project only Jerome 857 1
by Meatstorm
Why no default font, font colour and size for forms? Jerome 1,006 1
by Meatstorm
You must know text field lengths in a grid Jerome 1,159 2
by Jerome
action buttons 'slide' into view Jerome 963 1
by Nappy
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