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If you want something implemented, tell Metastorm Doogal 1,576 6
by wmitc2375
Calculated labels Jerome 3,963 9
by mohnshine
change text variable lengths Jerome 3,419 2
by dok
Hide the Engine Stack Trace in the client Jerome 1,364 3
by Jerome
Metastorm Developer Opportunities maryog 864 0
by maryog
can't we have tables in libraries again? Jerome 835 1
by Nappy
rendezvous actions for sub-processes should be linked to sub-process archive stage Jerome 1,243 3
by Nappy
Document Management POD LJ 1,312 5
by LJ
Things from a developer perspective KartikLata 939 5
by KartikLata
Procedure Attachments in a separate table Jerome 1,525 1
by BRDEllis
Add Action Menu to folder grids Rick 1,406 4
by BMellert
Layers on Forms LJ 895 1
by Nappy
Remove Thousands delimiter Jerome 1,569 3
by LJ
Stay on the form i working on! Nappy 1,240 14
by Driverdoh
Insert and delete buttons for grids! Jerome 3,385 9
by Nappy
Disable timezone default setting Nappy 1,413 4
by Jerome
Fix designer copy bug Nappy 1,132 5
by LJ
Get rid of 1753 Jerome 1,184 1
by Nappy
Designer - Register Element Pete 1,130 3
by Doogal
Conditional and Timer events that don't update eevent LJ 2,069 8
by Paul
Multi-Language Pete 1,634 9
by Jerome
Designer Pete 1,549 6
by Pete
Regular Expressions Pete 1,306 0
by Pete
Improved common stages Doogal 1,475 5
by Doogal
Stop validating when I delete anything Doogal 1,020 0
by Doogal
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