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Metastorm news
News and gossip about Metastorm and MBPM
653 115 Migration from MBPM
by KarlD
The Forums
News about this site
140 34 Error in Event Logs
by Techno
     Metastorm BPM 9 Issues
Metastorm BPM 9 Faults
Post and track Metastorm BPM version 9 faults here
747 201 checkbox disappears
by BMellert
Metastorm BPM 9 Design Flaws
Discussions of features that are working but could be designed better
109 24 eEvent and eAlert primary keys should not be clustered
by Jerome
Metastorm BPM 9 Dropped Features
Discussions of features dropped from previous versions
79 21 Timely Support
by BMellert
Metastorm BPM 9 Migration
Issues relating to the migration of code and systems from 7.6 to version 9
182 38 Manual Migration
by BMellert
Metastorm BPM 9 non-faults
All reported faults that are found incorrectly reported get moved here
61 14 Date entry in Editable Grid
by ryansaul
     Metastorm BPM 9 Discussions
Metastorm BPM 9 Designer 2625 596 Launching a program on another PC
by Rick
Metastorm BPM 9 Clients 85 26 Form Print/Convert to PDF
by Den
Metastorm BPM 9 Engine 108 28 eLog setting
by thomas
Metastorm BPM 9 Installation and Configuration 431 97 Oracle 12c compatibility
by bigfootger
Metastorm BPM v9 FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Version 9 and their answers
59 14 Deployment Error:
by BMellert
Metastorm BPM Solutions
A place to share and discuss Metastorm BPM Version 9 Solutions with Forum members
158 47 Pop-Up with Return
by BMellert
Metatsorm BPM Version 9 Hints & Tips
Our series of Hints and Tips for Metastorm BPM Version 9
48 22 How to manage an 'IN' clause
by philt
Metastorm BPM 9 Other 195 48 MBPM 9.5.1 is out
by RyanRussell
Metastorm BPM Version 9 Early Release
A place to post and discuss Metastorm BPM Version 9 Early Release issues
145 25 How can you 'write' a Business Object?
by powerplay
     Metastorm BPM 5 / 6 / 7
Designer 8656 1779 A blow by blow account of my fight with EAFTERTIME
by RyanRussell
Engine 2017 381 Orphaned 'ghost' folders in the process tables
by RyanRussell
Installation 801 181 Grouping Of Forms.
by RyanRussell
Clients 887 193 OpenXML word document issue
by Bhagyashree
e-Service Desk
A forum for users of the e-Service Desk from ICCM Solutions
2 1 ICCM Mail Server 2008 Problem
by IanHill
Answers to frequently asked questions about Metastorm BPM
28 11 Why do new users not get old alerts?
by Jerome
Metastorm ProVision
A discussion group for Metastorm ProVision users
57 19 Installing Provision Client App
by bhuda
Metastorm Integration Manager 1 1 A forum for Metastorm Integration Manager
by Doogal
Questions about the FreeFlow SDK and FreeFlow Administrator
133 34 FFAdmin w/ OutOfMemory Exception
by absiin
Third Party Products 178 50 Software demos
by Jerome
Other 622 139 UUENCODING
by jfrancis
Online Training
Online Training modules that we provide
21 10 Metastorm BPM v9 Development training
by bigfootger
Articles & Case Studies
Any Articles and Case studies of Metastorm BPM development
104 46 Metastorm BPM versus Oracle BPM
by saner
Jobs and Contracts 271 203 MBPM Remote Consulting Opportunity
by ddye
Any BPM or Metastorm Events
19 8 Metastorm Global User Conference 2010
by Jerome
Web Client 87 78 Version Control and Dev environment
by praxkan
This Site 45 11 Search Results Incorrect
by Jerome
Wish List
What do you wish was in Metastorm's software?
235 78 Calculated labels
by mohnshine
Post any experiences of integration between Metastorm BPM and other products
13 4 Open Source BPM Software
by LJ
Tips & Tricks
Post any tips and tricks you have for getting the most out Metastorm BPM
215 58 Calculating Age in SQL Server
by alvittos
Partner Issues
Anything related to the partner channel
- - Members Only
Database 98 58 eProcedure table is HUGE
by BMellert
DEX / LDAP 25 16 2008 or 2008R2 domain forest functional level
by Jerome
Engine 44 38 Engine Fails to Start With Message 'faulting module eUtility.dll'
by RMiranda
Permissions 11 10 Windows Taskbar Disappears After Reboot Following Installat
by Jerome
Win32 Client 29 29 Metastorm BPM Ribbon Tab Missing From Office Applications
by Jerome
Error Messages 80 71 Folder Not Locked for Action
by ctodda
Web Services 20 13 Deployment Service error:
by bhuda
Performance 12 11 Virus Scanning Software Can Affect Performance
by Jerome
Scripting 18 16 Sample Procedure Showing the Use of %LDAPSearch() Against M
by LJ
BizTalk 2 1 Rule Fails to Evaluate at Rules Stage
by Rich
Utilities 11 11 Unable to Delete Procedure Due to ODBC Driver
by Jerome
Designer 166 114 Format text in Subject field
by BMellert
Procedure Design 74 49 editable grid
by mohnshine
Installation & Configuration 209 189 No Metastorm BPM SDK Installation File for Release 7.6
by shoes
Release Notes 3 3 Metastorm BPM® Hotfix
by Jerome
External Forms 14 14 Chained Action Fails with PDF External Form
by Jerome
Documentation 20 19 %Action.Name Not Empty at Folder Page
by Jerome
Examples 126 48 Clicking a Button From a Client-Side Script
by Jerome
SharePoint Client 2 2 Metastorm Web Part for SharePoint Assembly Version
by Jerome
Single Sign On 24 20 SSO - Cross Domain Authentication.
by Jerome
     Any Other Business
Anything Else 125 33 Is anyone moving to Cordys / OT BPM Suite?
by Nils
Post anything (within reason) here to test what you can and cannot post
15 6 test
by Jerome

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