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I have a requirement where a parent process spawn off a bunch of subprocess. Each subprocess have a form that the user has to fill out in parallel. The main process has to display all of the subprocess so the user in the parent can see what has been filled out.

Based on my research, I can do the following:

1. In the main process, create a duplicate of the subprocess field as a calculator field. The field will do a query against the child. The problem is that's a lot of query.

2. Create a view. Still a lot of query, but simpler.

3. In the child process, have an action update a duplicate of the parent variable. That's a lot of duplicate variables, but may be more efficient performance-wise?


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I may have misunderstood.

But if the parent process creates children via flags, simply assigning the parent using %Parent links them.

Then in a grid do something like SELECT * FROM eFolder WITH (NOLOCK) WHERE eParent = '%FolderID'
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