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Awaiting Email Confirmation
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Hi All,


I'm a first time Metastorm user and have been dropped in the water and asked to keep swimming.


I need to add a feature to an existing solution. Here is a small summary of the solution: The employee can open the Metastorm Solution and request leave by selecting dates and the 2 people (Immediate Manager, Department Manager) that are notified to approve the leave. FEATURE to be added: A project manager field needs to be added to notify them that this certain employee will be on leave.


How will I add this to the exisiting solution? Where do I need to make changes? Will I need to add a Role for them?


Then my 2nd question: The solution has a data collection of all employees in our local company, how will I add a new Company DB to the existing solution as they also want to start using the solution?


Many Thanks


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Why do people imagine that you can just dump a Metatsorm BPM project on any developer, and they will just be able to do it? Good luck - you have a hard bit of learning to get through! We have free demos and quick-start courses if you are interested. We also deliver training, and we are probably going to have a CD course for version 9 as we did for version 7.

Regarding issue 1, how is the PM going to be set? By the requester? If so, you need a dropdown populated by names just like the others are, but need to know how to get that list.

If the PM will be emailed, you do not need a role. If the Folder will be on their To Do list, you do, and that role will be based on the variable storing their user id.

As for the second question, without knowing what data is stored and how it is currently maintained, it is impossible to say.

If you wish, you can email me (not PM) and I'll reply so that you can send me a solution or more information. I'll try to answer your questions better then.

Post an example, and we will have a much better idea what the problem is. In about 90% of posts, the problem is one of communication. Examples bridge that gap.
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