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With the lack of a good mobile client and the need for high security, were having trouble with our traveling attorneys in terms of approving processes.

Is it possible for them to reply to a metastorm generated email with a word/string(Example: "Approve") in order to keep the process moving along while they are traveling?

I'm assuming i would need an email account for a Metastorm system user or similar, correct?

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I have no idea if that is possible, so I defer to others on that particular method.

There is the mobile client, but as we know that has its shortcomings, and doesn't work if your firm uses a BES server to get inside the firewall.

The approach we took was to expose appropriate actions as web services via the Process Activator and built our own aspx based application which will accept the responses from the user (usually via a radio group for options and a comments box, though in a couple of cases a few other fields) then called the actual BPM action via a web service call from the application.  The application happens to run on the same web server as our web client.  It has worked well for us for years in both V7 and thus far in V9.

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Never had to do anything of this sort, but depending on the level of compliance you need - an "approve" email may not meet the compliance standards. Email is not usually considered good enough as an e-signature.

If that does work though, an out of metastorm webservice like BMellert suggested (that somehow authenticates the user) is probably your best bet. An email box receiving an email and applying a "approve" method is much easier to spoof.
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