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 Upgrading Metatsorm BPM to 9.2 or to v 9.1 from 7.6
 9.2 from 7.6 1 50%
 9.1 from 7.6 1 50%
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Could you please detail the benefits of Metastorm BPM 9.2 over v 9.1?

Also  which is advisable upgrading to v9.2 or v 9.1 from v7.6 and the reasons behind it.

Many thanks


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My opinion is if you are migrating from v7 to v9, you may as well go with the current release (v9.2.1). 
Headaches have occurred in every release thus far, some fixed in 9.2 (and a few others raised and hopefully fixed in the hotfix due out soon).  At some point you'd have to upgrade past 9.1 anyway.

Below are a few of my personal thoughts, and is not an exhaustive list (nor may be agreeable to others).

Performance is better in 9.2 if the proper web config settings, new in 9.2, are made.  They are significant enough that it made a difference for some of our form objects which worked poorly in 9.1 -- the performance is now acceptable to the users.  (Simpler forms may not have this issue.)

There is a big To Do / Watch UI difference between 9.0/1 and 9.2.  My opinion is why make the users suffer from a UI change twice.  (I preferred the 9.1 UI, but OpenText is trying to align all of their UIs to be more consistent across all of their applications.)

The latest mobile capabilities, if you would consider that in the future or as part of the migration, are for 9.2.1.  Future mobile capabilities will require keeping up with the upgrades, so we will have to move to 9.3 mid-year and 9.4 around the end of the year for these -- if the roadmap dates stay as currently outlined.

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We have always gone to 9.1 until now. the latest one we have done, we could have gone to 9.2, but I am not fully convinced that all the issues introduced in 9.2.0 have been fixed yet. Instead we went with 9.1.3, because of a 'standardisation' of the oracle client, ODBC and OLEDB version requirements for the first time ever in the product's history. Sad to say, even 9.1.3 had its own serious flaws introduced, and we have had to wait for to resolve these, although seems to fail to install on W2008 server.

Overall, unless you have particular reasons not to (as we had, right or wrong), I would recommend 9.2 to start with. It appears that 9.1 fixes are not as easily forthcoming, and that can cause serious difficulties. Also the UI has changed a bit, and going to 9.2 could save another change.

Myself, I dislike the fact that the 'close' button is identical to the action buttons, as are the 'submit' and 'cancel' buttone. If that is an issue for you, I would ask Metastorm to fix it.

Post an example, and we will have a much better idea what the problem is. In about 90% of posts, the problem is one of communication. Examples bridge that gap.
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