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Hi All,

Hope all is well, can anyone help with the following: 
I have checkboxes towards the end of the form that i am using to view some attachments and they work well but the issue i am having is that every time i select a checkbox the form moves up to the top part and i think this will be abit annoying to the user's as each time they select a check box the form will move to top and they'll have to scroll down again to select another check box if required.

You response will be very much appreciated. 

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We don't get this with checkboxes per se but we do get when clicking on rows at times, and only on scrolling forms.  Not that this is common for users, but as a test if you tab into the checkbox fields I suspect the jumping won't occur.

It is jumping back to the last field that had focus -- at least as MBPM sees it.  This can be near/at the top of the form often.
I am not aware of any decent way to get around this particular "feature".


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You could try providing collapsible panels as an eWorkaround. At least that would eliminate the scroll if users collapse top panels, and so the refocus (jump to top) is less of a pain.
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