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Hi All

Can anyone tell me where i can find the location where the email files are located on metastorm V9, i need to add another link for mobile but now i can not do that as i can't find where these files are predefined. please see attached and the link i want to add will be under the second link.

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I presume the links just go to an appropriate location / web page.  MBPM doesn't "store" email messages anyplace special I know of.  It uses (I believe) .NET mail to make SMTP calls as appropriate.  That then depends on how you have the SMTP access set up within the Firm or configured in MBPM.  (We use the local SMTP service which directs to our SMTP server external to MBPM.  We have nothing stored on our MBPM systems.)

You can/should generate them when you create the email message from your solution.  We do something similar ourselves, generating the link(s) in the email body.

I'm not sure I fully understand what you are asking though ... if an email is being sent from MBPM the body is generated and is a parameter to Mstm.SendEmail(To,CC,BCC,Subject,Body,FileAttachment,From).  If your email is an attachment instead of the body itself, then you provide the physical file when the call is made.  You'd have to find where that is on your engine server and update that.
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