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I have a grid, but the row selection criteria will be based upon what a user selects in a dropdown.  So what I was hoping to do was pull the "Where" clause that I need from an external table and populate it into a simple field on my form.  Then the grid would use the contents of this field to populate itself.

For example, the variable is called xRowSelect and it contains "Where customer = 'ABC Company'".

So in my grid, in the Row(s) property I tried to put %xRowSelect and when I publish it is yelling about grid not being initialized, it's malformed, etc.

Is it possible to dynamically create this property on the grid object?

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On form load, be sure to assign an initial and valid xRowSelect -- even if its something like 1=2 so the grid starts out empty.

Also, do not include the where term in your variable.  The where term is automatically added by Metastorm.  (If you do include it, Metastorm will build up something like "where where customer = 'ABC Company' " which is also a malformed grid.
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