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We've got a nasty issue on our Metastorm server which has been happening since we upgraded to v9.3.1. We were previously running v9.2 with no issues. The problem affects both our live and our test servers.

The problem occurs after deploying a procedure. When you go to the Blank Forms list or Admin Forms list any forms/start actions for the procedure you have deployed are missing. If you try to open an existing folder from the ToDo or Watch lists you get an error message stating "No engines are available in the Metastorm service". Sometimes you get the same problem with other procedures as well as the one you have just deployed. Stopping and restarting the Metastorm Engine service or IIS does not help. The only way to fix the issue is to reboot the Metastorm engine server. On most occasions the Engine will not restart on the first reboot and you have to reboot twice or even three times to get the system back.

The eLog table contains an entry such as "The type 'Metastorm.Runtime.Models.[Solution Name. Solution Name],Metastorm.Runtime.Models.CS.[Solution Name], Version=65.0.5344.19161, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null', or one of its dependencies, could not be found."

This issue has basically brought development of the system to a standstill because we can't deploy anything to the live system without bringing it down.

We've had it logged with OT since August but I don't feel that they have really taken it seriously. They say we are the only customer with this problem and they can't replicate it. They have recently suggested that it might be something to do with connections to the database dropping because the database shares a corporate SQL Server with many other databases. Today I've moved the test database to a different SQL server and I'm still getting the problem so I think this is a blind-alley.

Has anyone else seen anything similar or can anyone offer any suggestions please?



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