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Directory Extraction Tool Fails to Bind When Active Directory Controller is Running Windows 2003 Server SP1

Edited: 03 Aug 2005
                                Revised: 11 Aug 2005

The information in this article applies to product: e-Work 6.x


  • When SP1 for Windows Server 2003 is applied to an Active Directory Domain Controller, an e-Work Directory Extraction (DEX) bind that had been successful will now fail. The following error is generated:

                                            The directory bind was not successful. Please check the directory information and user credentials.
                                            [LDAP: error code 1 - 00000000: LdapErr: DSID-0C090627, comment: In order to perform this operation a successful bind must be completed on the connection., data 0, vece]                                        


  • This issue is being investigated.                                        

  • See Microsoft article;en-us;326690 for a workaround for this issue.                                

                                                                            The attribute dsHeuristics (see MS article) can be found as follows:
    1.                                         Run ADSIedit.msc                                        
    2.                                         Go to CN=Configuration --> CN=Services --> CN=Windows NT --> CN=Directory Service                                        
    3.                                         Right-click on CN=Directory Service and select Properties                                        
    4.                                         The attribute dsHeuristics can be found on the Attribute Editor tab.                                        

Keywords: kb598 PF26311

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