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Hi Folks,

I thought I was pretty clever, setting up a dynamic role for a user to be able to pick a manager for approval of a new employee.  But when the manager goes to approve the application, they get their form, but they don't get their action button.

I set up the DynamicManager as a role with a formula to grab the user name from a field supplied when the form was submitted.

I then set the stage and action to both be available to the DynamicManager.

When I tested, it worked fine, but I'm finding that it randomly doesn't provide the manager with the action button.  (It seems to fail more often than not.)

I've attached a couple of screen shots to show the role and process.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Dynamic roles are assessed at the point of assignment and reassessed on an as required basis.

A guess would be that you have assigned the dynamic role to be the result of some given formula dependent on a set of values entered or captured during the processing of the folder. Later, when some other activity takes place, the role is reassessed and some or all of the data used to determine the outcome has been cleansed. The dynamic role is then unpopulated.

It may be worth checking the resulting value of the formulae or variable that forms the basis of the dynamic role assignment. Where this value has been nullified. The result must equal the desired outcome for the entire period of the assignment so that if a change occurs that necessitates the reassessment of the roles this can occur without issue.

A means of avoiding this lost assignment is to use specific items to support role management and to encourage understanding of the matrix of roles. Simplicity is key. A complex assignment that is not well understood by those using, supporting and developing a solution will be difficult to test and near impossible to maintain.

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There's a few things you can do to narrow down your "point of failure". If you have a specific folder where the manager doesn't see the action button, check the eAlert for that folder - does it list the manager in the todo list (eAlertType = ' ')

If the manager's in the to-do list, but can't see the action - then it might be the scenario Karl is referring to. The workaround at that point would be to remove your dynamic role from the action. (Technically, if you already have todo list on there, there's no reason to add an additional role calculation for the same role.)

If the manager's not in eAlert, then the issue could be in how the role is being calculated. 

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