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I am looking for some help/advice on the following issue:

The user needs to select an option form a dropdown on a form
The available options in the dropdown are comming from a database table
There are > 60,000 possible options in the table
There are too many options in the table to display in the dropdown

Is it possilbe to allow the user to enter a substring in a text field and have the dropdown dynamically filter the available options based on the substring entered?

In a standard web form you can set the form to post back to the server when a text field is changed and then pull the list of ooptions form the DB table, filtering by the text entered and then fill the dropdown with the filtered list. Is it possible to do something similar in Metastorm? I can't seem to firure out how to do it...



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It is quite normal to do this in Metastorm too. There are a few examples in our free solutions:

most likely to be of use is our full solution:

Post an example, and we will have a much better idea what the problem is. In about 90% of posts, the problem is one of communication. Examples bridge that gap.

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What you're referring to (i think) is a AJAX style type-ahead that will filter results ? 

There's no "out of box" support for this in metastorm, although other bpm tools are slowly adding this as supported behavior.

There's some ugly ways of doing this which cause a full page refresh of all fields that have "is dependent on" checked - but if your form has many fields, i wouldnt recommend it. Something like either using "When field changed" property + a script.... or having a javascript listener on the textbox that on keystroke causes a button click (server button) that refreshes the "is dependent on" fields.

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