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The eAlert table has got 300000 records and eEvent table has got 400000 records, I need to archive both tables but before i do that would anyone assist like give me a brief explaination of why do we use these tables for and which data to archive like how do you see active and non active data.

I am stil new in the field and my system is very slow (metastorm 6.5) so I am checking every possibility that might couse the slowness of the system.


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This is the wrong forum and I shall move it shortly (once you have received the notice of a reply).

These figures are not in any way excessive, and should not require any removal. If you do decide to remove any records, you really must know what you are doing.

The eEvent records can be removed up to, and not including, the most recent record for each folder. This is based on experience, and is not a supported method, so no guarantees.

Slow performance may be a large number of reasons. The most likely is the indexes not being correct (out of the box, some cause poor performance and should be changed, there is a post on this here if you search for 'clustered index'), or being gragmented over time. Generally we re-index every day, week or month, depending on usage and the database you are using.

As you are using e-work 6.5, I would strongly recommended upgrading to a supported version. 7.6 is still supported for a while. Version 9 is a more complex migration, but this is also quite possible, We are currently doing a 6.5 to 9.1 migration (via 7.6) on an Oracle platform. I believe this is the first time the such an old version (7 years old now?) has been migrated to version 9.1 in one go.

Post an example, and we will have a much better idea what the problem is. In about 90% of posts, the problem is one of communication. Examples bridge that gap.

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Check whether you have deletion alerts in the eAlert table.  They are the ones with an eAlertType of '~'.  If you are only using the web client, they can safely be deleted.  If you are using fat clients (Outlook and Groupwise etc), they are needed.

There was a release where a switch was introduced that enabled you to turn off the generation of deletion alerts.  Not sure which release that was though.

I'd second Jerome's suggestion that you upgrade to a supported version.

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