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Hi All,

BPM Version:
OS: Windows Server 2008 R2
DB: SQL Server 2008 R2

We are currently experiencing a number of intermittent errors in sending emails via BPM tool.

The current configuration that we have in sending emails via BPM are the ff:

Delivery Method: Network

Host Name:

Host Port: 25


Here are the error messages we get from our logs when this issue occurs:

"An error occurred while sending email in the background. The server committed a protocol violation The server response was:"

We have already raised this concern to our relay server technician and it seems that a network related problem could have been occuring when this errors happens since there are no relevant entries on their logs that could relate to the issue we have.

The error occurs very random. Ratio if success would be 3- 5 out of a 50 email can possibly encounter an error a day.

Given that there is a possibility of a drop in communication from time to time between us and the relay server intermittently, what can you suggest for us to resolve the issue if that is the case?





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