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Hi All

Had a real bizarre one today. We are using 7.6.3

I needed to upgrade a store proc whereby I would needed to drop two input parameters and add another (this was required to do a Select further on in sp).

So I made changes in management studio to sp. Ran alter script all ok. Made changes to in process to pass in new parameter and commented out old ones, published ok.

Ran process got an error saying there was two many arguments specified in the stored proc.

double checked process and stored proc and all was ok.

Tried again same issue. So ran profiler and tested again and to my suprise the old version of the sp was being executed with the old parameters. How can this be, I'm thinking?

Bit of head scratching and this is in UAT rig so dropped process and republished. Ran again and same thing.

More head scratching. Dropped sp and recreated. Double checked everything and tested again. And yep - same issue.

For some reason the old / previous version of the stored proc is being executed with the old parameters. Worst still those old parameters are even being populated!

So went back and thought the commented lines could be the issue. Removed them completely from process and restarted the engine.

And all ok.

I'm not sure whether it ws the commented lines that caused the issue or that the engine somehow was caching the old code, but in either case this is a bit of a worry!!!



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Never seen that. I would suspect another cause, having made just about every 'D'oh!' there is to make in this area....

Post an example, and we will have a much better idea what the problem is. In about 90% of posts, the problem is one of communication. Examples bridge that gap.

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This happened again today, and pretty sure its not something I'm doing. Seems to be caused by process being initiated as a web service. But it only appears to be happening on one particular process which once the engines are restarted runs absolutely fine.

Unfortunately there is nothing logged in designer log and the only error that gets logged in win app log is the error which has been fixed and procedure republished for. Once the engine is restarted teh error then stops being logged to win app log.
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