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Enterprise Architecture is now being seen as something more than a repository of technology artefacts of interest only to IT managers. That is changing with the advent of enterprise architecture tools and the beginnings of business enterprise architecture books from authors such as Scott A Bernard.


In An Introduction to Enterprise Architecture 2nd Edition), Bernard says he has written the book “for three major reasons; (1) to help move business & technology planning from a systems and process level view to a more strategy driven enterprise level view, (2) to promote and explain the emerging profession of Enterprise Architecture, and (3) to provide the first textbook on the subject…”


The book is detailed and thorough. Bernard takes you through four sections; the concept of enterprise architecture, the developing of enterprise architecture, using enterprise architecture and enterprise architecture as a profession. He also provides a step by step enterprise architecture implementation methodology and the appendix contains exhaustive lists of Artefacts and how to develop a business case for EA.


Users of Business modelling tools such as the Metastorm Provision business modelling application will find it invaluable. It provides a rigorous methodology of how to organise all business artefacts using an application and what linkages between artefacts should exist. Importantly it assists the application user to achieve Bernard’s aim of lifting the focus from a process centric approach to an enterprise level approach.



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And anything for BPA ?
I'm looking for good tutorials or guidelines to improve BPA concepts and methodologies.
I'd like to gather best practices and to share experience.
Thanks in advance
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