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Error 1928 - Error Registering COM+ Application

Last edited: 27 Dec 2004

The information in this article applies to product: e-Work 6.x


  • During an installation of e-Work, 'Error 1928' is generated and the install rolls back.

    Error code -2146368501 may be found in the install log (e.g. e-Work6.5SetupLog.txt found here: C:\Documents and Settings\<user logged on during installation>\Local Settings\Temp


  • Error 1928 is usually caused by a previous installation of e-Work that has not been completely removed, specifically from COM+. Error code -2146368501 means 'The application is already installed'.
  • Try the following to remove any vestiges of e-Work:
    1. In 'Component Services', check 'COM+ Applications' for any Metastorm e-Work Engine entries and remove them manually prior to another attempt to install.
    2. Run 'EngineConfig.exe /Uninstall' at a command prompt. This file can be found on the e-Work CD.
    3. Start and stop the MS DTC (MS Distributed Transaction Coordinator) service to make sure there are no errors and verify that it's running during installation.
    4. Search the registry for references to 'Metastorm', 'ework', or 'e-Work' and delete them.
    5. Use a 3rd-party tool to clean the registry.
    6. Install e-Work with a switch that skips installation of the e-Work Engine COM+ applications. Then try to run register.bat to create the COM+ entries separate from the install.                                                

                                                      To install with the switch:                                                

      1.                                                 Use 'Run' from the Windows start menu.                                                
      2.                                                 Enter 'launchsetup.exe' with the full path to it, then a space, then /v"/Livecpaurw C:\e-Work6.5SetupLog.txt ECOMBYPASS=YES"                                                

      3.                                                 E.g.: C:\cd\launchsetup.exe /v"/Livecpaurw C:\e-Work6.5SetupLog.txt ECOMBYPASS=YES"
      4.                                                 The log in this case can be found in the root of the C: drive.                                                

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