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Setting up v.9 MBPM to use external SMTP sever Functions

Hi all,

I am having trouble setting up our MBPM Application Server to use our company's centralized SMTP server.

Using IIS manager 7.5 I specified the details of our SMTP server. When this alone didn't work, I used IIS Manager 6.0 to enable a relay with the ip address of on the local "virtual SMTP". One note I saw by googling is that System.Web.Mail should be used instead of System.Net.Mail. Where can one make this change?

Also, found some suggestions in the administration guide for setting up Mail Connector registry parameters - but this appears to be for using a local SMTP instance instead of an external one.

Is there any documentation on setting up the MBPM Application server to use an external SMTP server?

If not, has anyone who has done it successfully willing to share the steps they took?

Many Thanks! Jane


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Generally I put this in the dialog during the installation. I had enormous difficulty with this, as I believe the original installation of 9.0 did not have this (I may be wrong). Metastorm told us:

In version 9, MBPM uses SmtpClient (System.Net.Mail API) to send emails. You need to configure following registry settings(specially Delivery Method, Host Name, Pickup Directory) to work mail functionality correctly.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE ->Wow6432Node->Metastorm->e-Work ->Engine ->SMTP

Please see 9.2 MBPM Administration guide section section 1.15.5 SMTP Mail Settings (Page : 26).

By default hostname is set to Localhost. You can change the Smtp Server name during install. If you are using a network Smtp Server other than localhost, Please change hostname in the registry to correct Smtp Server name and restart the engine.

Post an example, and we will have a much better idea what the problem is. In about 90% of posts, the problem is one of communication. Examples bridge that gap.

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I set this up in both my test and live environments.  I believe all i set was the hostname(exchange server) and the default port 25.  Then i just opened up a relay in exchange for my test and live environments and everything just worked.

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Thank you Jerome and Joe!

Things are working now. I also heard from OpenText support. It turns out that things work differently in versions 9.0 and 9.1. I'll include their note here in case it helps a developer in the future:

Can you confirm the exact version of BPM you are using? The SMTP configuration changed between 9.0.x and 9.1.x so there are two possible methods depending on your version:


In 9.1.x or higher, the following registry key is used to configure email:




The "delivery method" can be changed to "network" and "host name" can be filled in with your corporate mail server.


In 9.0.x an older email method is used. You will need to configure the local SMTP server (using IIS 6.0 as you mentioned) to setup a smart host connection to the corporate mail server.

Best Regards,  Jane

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