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Field Name Size Restricted in Properties Editor in Designer

Created: 10 Aug 2006

                        The information in this article applies to:

Product: Metastorm BPM (e-Work)
                                Version: 6.6.x 7


  • When the name of a form field is entered in the Properties Editor in the Designer, the maximum number of characters that can be entered is 20. Is this the maximum length that's permitted?


  • No, the maximum length is 63, which is determined by the size of the column eFieldName in the table eField                                 in the database.

    If a field name longer than 20 characters is desired, rename the field using the Procedure Explorer. Right-click on the field, select Rename, and enter the name, up to a maximum of 63 characters. If more than 63 characters are entered, the procedure                                 will fail to publish with an error specifying the field name size.                                

Keywords: PF29034

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