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Field Value When Evaluated by Another Field

Last edited: 27 May 2004

The information in this article applies to product: e-Work 6.x


  • A field (Field A) has a value and another field (Field B) has a 'When changed' event that modifies Field A's value. Another field (Field C) has a 'When changed' event that reads Field A's value.

    It is unclear whether the value that Field C reads is the value that was in Field A before it was modified by Field B or the value after it was modified by Field B.


  • The retrieved value is the value that was originally in Field A.

    When a number of 'When changed' events are fired when a form is submitted, the value returned by %Field.[Fieldname] is the value that this field contained before the form was submitted. If any of the formulas in any of the 'When changed' expressions change the value of a field, %Field.[Fieldname] retains the original value it had when the submit request was sent to the Engine until the Engine has completed all submit processing (which includes executing all 'When changed' expressions).

    The same applies when a field that 'Has dependents' is changed. %Field.[Fieldname] retains the value it had before the field was changed until the Engine has completed all processing for the change and returned control to the client.

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