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I have a process (inherited) that launches an admin form from a hyperlink the user clicks on.
The hyperlink is constructed "on click" to add some sort of query string to the end of the base url.

The querystring looks like this "&FilterParams=CustomerId;680;Integer:FT_FolderId;;Text"

I believe this passes the CustomerId to the admin form, and the admin form "automagically" assigns the value to the local variable of the same name. Apparently this is a new feature of

My problem is that it doesn't successfully pass the value to the admin form. This is on a brand new V9 environment I just built, again

The same code works on the other inherited environments, so could I be missing a configuration step? I followed the install instructions in the install guide, and have build hundreds of v9 boxes in the past.

Does anyone use this functionality, and or had difficulties in getting it to work?

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Check the $BPMHOME$/Web/web.config for setting


It should be true for the parameters to be accepted.  If missing or false, the passed in values will not be assigned.
This works for passing values to both forms and reports.


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