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Hi all, hope you are doing well. please share some light on the following: for some reason my test environment is very slow (takes too long to load - To Do List, Blank Forms etc), my question is does having lot of deployments have an impact on this as i have processes that are approaching 700th version, forgive me if my question is off the rail

your response will be highly appreciated.

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I cannot confirm "user impact" but I could see how it may.  I do know after a while it definitely impacts deployment performance itself and it is worth while purging outdated versions, especially in an environment like Development.  There a database procedure I downloaded off the OT KBase to do this.

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If your todo/watch lists are loading slow...the first thing i'd suggest is look at how many entries you have on your eAlert table. Often, developers put large groups/teams on todo/watch list, without realizing that its creating 1 entry per user, per folder on that table. In the end you usually end up with millions of useless rows and your lists load super slow.

Number of deployed versions should not impact engine performance (in theory), unless you're hitting some DB boundary like space which is causing your DB read/write or disk i/o to slow down due to swaps or something.

If you dont need the old versions you can purge those, but we've not seen any significant performance gain after we did that. the only thing that does speed up (like BMellert said) is deployments
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