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Good Afternoon Pros,
We have been struggling with the spinning issue for a month or so. We have tried different things but to no avail. We are on 9.1 base version and just working on upgrading to 9.2 in hope that it might fix the issue. I do have to confess that we have complex forms where we are using a mixture of chaining and javascript to navigate from form to form. We have a total of 6 forms that complete the updating of all the components. We did start with one long form and to reduce the dependencies, we broke it down to 6 different forms.

Can any one of you give us some direction in resolving the spinning issue. The weird part is, it sometimes resolves when refreshed (F5) and sometimes you go through 3 or 4 refreshes before it comes up. This form load issue is inconsistently happenning couple times at various junctures. We do use a service layer to get information and save information to the buisness database, but direct access to the metastorm database.

Any thoughts?

Your time and help is very much appreciated.


PS: I have posted this in one of the old threads too. I created a new topic, hoping that this might catch your eye. I apologize if I am not to do that. But you could guess that I am desperate to find a resolution :)


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