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At all the sites I have worked at in the past when a v7 procedure is published the forms are grouped automatically under the procedure, however at my new site the forms are grouped automatically under 'forms'. I can change the grouping with the following SQL, however my questions is there a setting to group under the procedure when publishing?.  

UPDATE eStart SET eGroupName
=eProcedureName WHERE eGroupName =Forms

Many Thanks

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By default all new procedures are posted into the Forms group.

You do the regrouping in the Metastrom Services Manager tool. Open the tool, log onto your database, select the procedure you want to move and then open the Action menu in the toolbar and open Set Map Groups window. Here you an hit Edit and put things in new groups. There is a handy dropdown of existing groups and if you want to put it into a new one just type it in and it will be created (and will appear as dropdown option going forward).

Once a procedure has been moved into a new group once it will continue to be published into the group which is probably the experience you've saw so far.



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It is slightly different in V9, but close.  As I recall, V7 is done as indicated by Ryan.
It can also be done via SQL, as you've done.

We also use different groups than the procedure name.  This comes in handy when different solutions would apply to one grouping ... in this case it keeps the separate solutions grouped together for a particular business unit.
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