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Product:                               Metastorm BPM®

Release:                               9.0


Affected Components: Metastorm Process Designer, Metastorm Deployment Service

Purpose of the hotfix:

This hotfix addresses the following issues:


·      Code compilation fails when referencing a Library with a server script containing a promoted function. (Metastorm # SR-01182010-0009, DEF10727)



Implications of the hotfix and other considerations:


·     This fix (Metastorm # SR-01182010-0009, DEF10727) changes the library code generation implementation. As a result, library code is now generated in the ‘Metastorm.Runtime.Models.Library1' namespace, where ‘Library1’ is the name of the corresponding library. Before the fix, library code was generated in a 'Metastorm.Runtime.Models.Project1.Library1' namespace where ‘Project1’ is the name of the project that references the library. Existing library script namespaces will need to be updated as well as any code referencing the library namespaces for existing solutions to validate and deploy successfully.



To apply this hotfix:


1.        Close the Metastorm Process Designer.

2.        Stop Metastorm Deployment Service.

3.        Stop Metastorm Process Engine Service.

4.        Run the hotfix installation.

5.        Start Metastorm Deployment Service.

6.        Start Metastorm Process Engine Service.

7.        Start Metastorm Process Designer.


This hotfix can be uninstalled independently of the full install.


Updated files:

Metastorm Process Designer:

Build 1264:


·      Files in Designer folder

Metastorm Deployment Service:

Build 1264:


·         Files in Deployment folder


Other modified files:

Build 1264:


·         Engine\Metastorm.Common.dll

·         Engine\Metastorm.Runtime.Contracts.dll

·         Engine\Metastorm.Runtime.Core.dll

·         Engine\Metastorm.Runtime.Types.dll

·         Web\bin\Metastorm.Reporting.Common.Native.ComponentControls.dll

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