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Incorrect Size of CallerID in Stored Procedure

Last edited: 22 Jun 2005

The information in this article applies to product: e-Work 6.1 6.5


  • When a user tries to connect to e-Work using Windows Single Sign-On and the web client, two messages are generated. The user receives the following error message:

                                    Message:< [psp_validate_session] > : Your e-Work session has expired. You must log out and log back in.
                                    Message:Failed to obtain list.


                                    A warning similar to the following is written to the Windows application event log:

    Error encountered trying to invoke the following request - eFilterRequest. The following information is available - <EException Class="ERuntimeException"><ErrorCollection><EError Class="EInternalError" Owner=""><PropertyList><Property Name="ErrorCode"><Value>225</Value></Property></PropertyList><ParameterList><Parameter Size="24" Type="string"><Value><![CDATA[ [psp_validate_session] ]]></Value></Parameter><Parameter Size="43" Type="string"><Value><![CDATA[ F71E2D4F-2241-4B2D-8C1D-0EB9098BC7DB ]]></Value></Parameter><Parameter Size="35" Type="string"><Value><![CDATA[ CORPORATEDOMAIN\IWAM_DEVELOPMENTEWORKSERVER ]]></Value></Parameter></ParameterList></EError></ErrorCollection><PropertyList><Property Name="Description"><Value><![CDATA[[sp_get_filter] [psp_validate_session] No entry exists in eSession with Session id = F71E2D4F-2241-4B2D-8C1D-0EB9098BC7DB and Caller id = CORPORATEDOMAIN\IWAM_DEVELOPMENTEWORKSERVER]]></Value></Property><Property Name="LineNumber"><Value>-1</Value></Property><Property Name="FileName"><Value><![CDATA[]]></Value></Property>
  • This error occurs with the above-referenced versions of e-Work if the Caller ID exceeds 31 characters. The Caller ID is the web server's trusted account as specified in the authentication script, eSSO_Web.js. If the web server and engine are on the same server, this is usually the account <domain>\\iwam_<machine name>. Hence, especially long domain and/or machine names may cause this 31 character limit to be exceeded.


  1.                                 In SQL Server Enterprise Manager, copy the e-Work stored procedure 'sp_create_session' into a text editor, e.g. Notepad.                                
  2.                                 Change '@p_CallerID VARCHAR(31)' to '@p_CallerID VARCHAR(250)' (without the single quotes).                                
  3.                                 Drop (delete) the existing sp_create_session stored procedure.                                
  4. In Query Analyser, run the modified version of the stored procedure. Be sure to connect to the database as the owner of the stored procedures.

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