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First of all I would like to state that I am a complete beginner with MetaSotrm.  I have just taken a new position where one of my duties is to maintain existing Metastorm Procedures.

I have a current process where the users are reporting that information is being lost after entering it into the form.  This happens intermittently and I cannot reproduce it.

I have determined that rows are being inserted into a SQL database with the insert command "INSERT INTO PaymentProcessing_Details ( ...  ) which is located in a "Insert row(s)" activity.

My question is when exactly does the data get persisted to the database?  Is it with the Insert Statement?  Are there any transactions involved?  I don't see any type of "Save" button or command.  Does the data presist when the process moves to the next stage?

On a related note, other than posting questions here, is there a decent help file for Metastorm 7 and 9?  I need to support both.

Thanks in advance...

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You do need to describe what 'lost' means. I assume that this means a button is pressed, and the expected row does not appear in some grid?

In such a situation, the data is inserted (or updated/deleted) in the database immediately. If it is data from 'process variables', these only go into the database when the action is committed.

For version 7, we have a book, and even part of our training course on line. We will at some point provide the version 9 training course online too, but for a fee.

and version 9 tips:

Post an example, and we will have a much better idea what the problem is. In about 90% of posts, the problem is one of communication. Examples bridge that gap.

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Actually, it is opposite of what you describe.  A button is pressed, a row is inserted into the database with the "Insert ..." command, and the row appears in the grid.  Then later on in the process, the row does not appear.

At least this is what is being reported to me by the user. 

I actually find it hard to believe since they claim that the row appears in the grid after pressing the button.  Since the grid is bound to a read only business object, the data would have to exist in the database for it to appear in the grid in the first place.

From what you describe, the row is immediatly inserted into the database with the Insert command, which actually answers my question.  Thanks...

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