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Hi all,
our customer have a legacy system for user authentication and authorization, similar to LDAP. I have to integrate this legacy authentication system with Knowledge Exchange server in order to manage users access from ProVision clients.

I've just had a look at LDAP guide of KE (see pag.5): "Knowledge Exchange uses Java Authentication and Authorization Services (JAAS) to set authentication to be performed outside the LDAP system. These available JAAS Login modules can be used: Krb5LoginModule, JNDILoginModule, and LDAPLoginModule. Metastorm currently supports only Krb5LoginModule."
How can I do to integrate this legacy security and authentication system?
Is there some module of KE we can modify in order to perform the user authentication and authorization via a proprietary method?
I don't have a significant expertise in LDAP and similar so every help is appreciated.
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