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Just wondering what everyone's moving on to as MBPM seems to be dying a slow death?


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The roadmap is disappointing.  They aren't even updating the underlying Teleric control until V"next" late next year if it stays on schedule.  The ones in place are already dated and nearly out of date, but they work with the current versions, so .....  The only "new" functionality appers to integrate more with their own product suite that isn't being left to whither on the vine.

We've plans to evaluate alternatives ever since they dropped the bombshell at the conferece several years ago.  Alas, since they've extended support and we've had competing priorities internally, this has been pushed back.  Hopefully this year we can begin serious evaluation of alternatives.

I attended a Gartner conference a couple years ago to see alternatives, with the ones that sounded promising having been subsequently researched on my own.  I have a personal "short list", but a formal evaluation, and project / budget approval, is needed yet.

I'm wondering what others may have switched to, switching to, or considering?

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We started discrete researching last year and will start contacting vendors later this year for a replacement. Looking at the Gartner reports, OpenText seems to have fallen off completely in iBPM suites so I don't believe we will consider Process Suite. We already did the migration from v7 to v9 which was no different to if we had bought a new product, so I don't believe we will go through the pain of sticking with OpenText this time.

The two difficulties in research thus far:
1) not many BPM platforms that are .net based so I anticipate a move to Java (we are currently .net for everything else)
2) the price of a Gartner rated BPM suite is hugely expensive compared to OpenText

We only submit approx. 10,000 applications/folders through the system a year which means volume per user is not high which we need to take in to account. So cost per folder is also a large consideration.

I am very keen to have a forum going to share experiences as many of us go through the journey of replacing MBPM.


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Hi there,
we have evaluated a few systems ourselfes and are now moving our clients to IBM BPM. It is Java/Javascript based, but you don't really need to programm a lot of Java. A lot of integration is done behind the curtains. And all API calls are made in JavaScript, so it's easy to learn programming-wise. 
One of the best points imho is that it is industry proven, they just released v8.5.7 which has a lot of improvements under the hood (moving from eclipse-designer to purely web-based). 
On the other side, I do sometimes "miss" the simpler MBPM controls and features like flags (there is a similar feature in ibm bpm, though not the same).

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

best regards,

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We've just gone through a migration away from MBPM to Mendix

Mendix is not a BPM platform so may not be suitable for everybody but we liked the following:

1. Powerful domain modeller (can define entities, relationships, indexes, triggers etc.)
2. Business logic executed through BPMN inspired flows so easy for our BPM guys to adopt.
3. Strong UX/UI support allowed us to heavily customise the styling for our app.
4. Single platform to build desktop, tablet, mobile (including hybrid mobile) apps.
5. Development time is very fast. Don't have any exact metrics but I would guess its somewhere between 25% and 50% quicker than MBPM development.
6. Manage the entire lifecycle through a single platform (requirements, defects, sprints, development, deployment & runtime)
7. An extensible framework allowing us to build custom javascript widgets for the front end and modules for the back end
8. An exciting roadmap (IoT support, web development environment etc.)
9. An active community.

Some of the things that we didn't like or limitations we had to work around:

1. Its Java
2. No out of the box concept of folders and alert lists.
3. No comparable feature for timed actions. They have scheduled events but these are not dynamic

Not sure I'll ever be a massive fan of Java but overall we are very happy with our choice... it feels like the sort of platform MBPM could have been with proper investment.



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Has anyone considered the Open Source to start the replacement for the workflow engine?  If so, which one?
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