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I'm not sure this is a flaw, or just a "feature".  The automatic lock time-out is set to 60 minutes (the default) on our systems.  I thought -- though I've been unable to reproduce in V7 nor V9 -- that if the lock timed out during an action (folder action, or in our particular case an admin form) the user get a "folder is no longer locked" kind of message.

As mentioned, in particular we have an issue on a new "dashboard" admin form for one of our solutions.  If the form happens to sit idle for over 60 minutes, when we perform an action on the form (such as clicking a refresh button) nothing happens ... no err, or refresh of BOs/fields.  There is a brief "busy scroll wheel" but that is all.  Nothing updates, nor does it say anything to the user.

I don't think setting a timer to automatically click the refresh button will do anything with the lock time out since its still in a single action.  I'm not sure if windows.location.reload() would do the trick (we've not tried that yet).

Has anybody encountered similar issues and / or a possible work around?

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I have an idea it used to be OK with a timed 'update' click. We had some dashboards in v6 that worked well in this way. I must admit that I have found many Admin forms stop working after a while. I guess this is the reason, and it is very irritating. I use our 'Find Folder' for several hours at a time during testing, and I keep having to reopen it.
Post an example, and we will have a much better idea what the problem is. In about 90% of posts, the problem is one of communication. Examples bridge that gap.

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I have noticed that if a user opens a normal form and lets it sit for 20+ minutes that background scripts/calculated fields stop working/updating.
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