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Product:                                Metastorm BPM®

Release:                                9.0 SR2


Affected Components:      Metastorm Process Designer, Metastorm Deployment Service, Metastorm Web Client, Metastorm Admin Tools, Metastorm Process Engine, Enterprise Component Library (ECL.WS)


Purpose of the hotfix:


This hotfix addresses the following issues:


  • In some circumstances, a “folder lock expected” error is displayed in the Web Client. (Metastorm # SR-09012010-0008, DEF13966)
  • In some circumstances, timed actions fail to process, particularly in a load balanced environment and with multiple threads allocated to the Engine. (Metastorm # SR-08242010-0001, DEF14018)
  • Visual Scripts may fail to execute when system is under high load. (Metastorm # SR-08242010-0001, DEF14039)
  •  V7 Blank and Admin forms fail to open in a side-by-side environment. (Metastorm # DEF13978)
  • Process zooming and scrolling causes process objects to move from their original positions and causes swim lanes to resize. (Metastorm # DEF13979)
  • Library references are lost on closing and re-opening the Designer. (Metastorm # DEF14026)
  • When running against SQL Server, the Process Activator generates some web services that do not function. (Metastorm # DEF14027).
  • OnBlur functionality of DateTime columns in grids causes an “Unspecified error”. (Metastorm # DEF14045)
  • Drop-down lists are not rendered correctly in the Web Client when more than 60 fields are present on the form. (Metastorm # SR-09032010-0001, DEF14048)
  • ‘Calculate duration’ function always returns a positive result. (Metastorm # SR-08052010-0005, DEF13988)
  • Database locks occur on eAlert and eWait tables on SQL Server databases. (Metastorm # SR-08232010-0001, DEF13977)
  • files are backed up but not replaced on some systems. (Metastorm # DEF14031)
  • Attempting to view connections in the Admin Tools displays a “Bad data” error. (Metastorm # DEF14107)
  • Date control is set to wrong date when using ProcessContext.UserInput from a date/time column in a grid. (Metastorm # DEF14080)
  • Switching on operation logging for the Engine causes forms and folders to fail to open (Metastorm # DEF13976)
  • Metastorm User Error messages are not displayed correctly and cause an exception on IIS7 systems. (Metastorm # DEF13983)

Post an example, and we will have a much better idea what the problem is. In about 90% of posts, the problem is one of communication. Examples bridge that gap.
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