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Hotfix Release Notes


Product:                                Metastorm BPM®

Release:                                9.0 SR2


Affected Components:     Metastorm Process Designer

Metastorm Deployment Service

Metastorm Web Client

Purpose of the hotfix:

This hotfix addresses the following issues:


·         In some instances, drop-down list values in a form are positioned incorrectly making it impossible to select values in the list. (Metastorm # SR-09242010-0005, DEF9635)

·         When a form is loading, text boxes that are supposed to be hidden are displayed temporarily. (Metastorm # SR-10062010-0003, DEF15020)

·         Large solutions cannot be deployed due to a time-out exception. (Metastorm # SR-11042010-0014, DEF14950)

Implications of the hotfix and other considerations:


·         None




To apply this hotfix:


1.   Close Metastorm Process Designer.

2.   Stop Metastorm Deployment Service.

3.   Stop Metastorm Process Engine Service.

4.   Run the hotfix installation.

5.   Execute the eWorkProcedures.sql and ProcessMetadataProcedures.sql scripts against the BPM repository (only necessary for SQL Server).

6.     Manually replace the eUser.js SAP in your SQL Server repository with the newer version supplied with this hotfix to enable users with Unicode names to login to Web Client.

To do this:

1.   Go to Administrative Tools.

2.   Go to Authentication tab.

3.   Delete euser.js

4.   Click Add SAP Script.

5.   Locate the euser.js from the following folder on your computer:
C:\Program Files\Metastorm\BPM\Engine\Authentication

You will see the script added to the list.

7.   Start Metastorm Deployment Service.

8.   Start Metastorm Process Engine Service.

9.   Start Metastorm Process Designer.

10.  Restart IIS.


This hotfix cannot be uninstalled independently of the full install.



In addition, this hotfix includes fixes for the following issues:


Component:     Metastorm Process Designer


  • Process zooming and scrolling causes process objects to move from their original positions and cause swim lanes to resize. (Metastorm # DEF13979) (i)


  • Library references are lost on closing and re-opening the Designer. (Metastorm # DEF14026) (i)


  • Designer cannot start if Windows regional settings are set to Chinese or Japanese language. (DEF14178) (ii)


  • In some instances, Process Designer fails to create a web service connection. (Metastorm # SR-10212010-0024, DEF14879) (iii)

·         Creating a connection to a Web Service by choosing a WSDL file throws an error message, “Object reference not set to an instance of an object". (Metastorm # SR-10212010-0005, DEF14589) (iii)


Component:     Metastorm Process Engine


  • Sometimes timed actions fail to process, particularly in a load balanced environment and with multiple threads allocated to the Engine. (Metastorm # SR-08242010-0001, DEF14018) (i)

  • Visual Scripts may fail to execute when system is under high load. (Metastorm # SR-08242010-0001, DEF14039) (i)


  • Database locks occur on eAlert and eWait tables on SQL Server databases. (Metastorm # SR-08232010-0001, DEF13977) (i)


·         Alert generator performance problems against Oracle when supported non-Unicode character sets are used. For example, WE8MSWIN1252. (Metastorm # SR-07292010-0001, DEF14231) (iii)


Component:     Metastorm Deployment Service


  • ‘Calculate duration’ function always returns a positive result. (Metastorm # SR-08052010-0005, DEF13988) (i)


·         LDAP connection throws exception at runtime. (Metastorm # SR-10142010-0001, DEF14420) (iii)


Component:     Metastorm Web Client


  • In some circumstances, a “folder lock expected” error is displayed in the Web Client. (Metastorm # SR-09012010-0008, DEF13966) (i)


  • V7 Blank and Admin forms fail to open in a side-by-side environment. (Metastorm # DEF13978) (i)


  • Date control is set to wrong date when using ProcessContext.UserInput from a date/time column in a grid. (Metastorm # DEF14080) (i)


  • Metastorm User Error messages are not displayed correctly and cause an exception on IIS7 systems. (Metastorm # DEF13983) (i)


    • In order to correct the above behavior it is necessary to either comment out or delete the following line from the Web client’s web.config file:



      <error statusCode="404" subStatusCode="13" path="ErrorPage.aspx" responseMode="Redirect"></error>



  • OnBlur functionality of DateTime columns in grids causes an “Unspecified error”. (Metastorm #, DEF14045) (i)


  • Drop-down lists are not rendered correctly in the Web Client when more than 60 fields are present on a form. (Metastorm # SR-09032010-0001, DEF14048) (i)


  • Users with Unicode user name or password cannot access the Web Client. (DEF14379) (ii)


  • After selecting ‘Today’ in Date/Time control of form and submitting it, re-opening form does not display ‘Today’ as highlighted.( DEF14774) (iii)

  • Calendar menu is overlayed by other fields on a form. (Metastorm # SR-09232010-0018, DEF14613) (iii)

  • Incorrect value is displayed in a drop-down control that is associated with an integer variable. (Metastorm # SR-09302010-0006, DEF14505) (iii)

  • Drop-down lists are not rendered properly when there are multiple drop-down lists on a form. (Metastorm # SR-09032010-0001, SR-10212010-0010, DEF14048) (iii)

·         Clicking a row in a grid multiple times changes the value of the Date/Time field in the row. (Metastorm # SR-09272010-0001, DEF14368) (iii)


Component:     Metastorm Process Activator


  • When running against SQL Server, the Process Activator generates some web services that do not function. (Metastorm # DEF14027). (i)


    • This fix requires the user to re-run the ProcessMetadataProcedures.sql script against the Metastorm repository and to regenerate the web service using the Process Activator.



Component:     Metastorm BPM Installation


  • files are backed up but not replaced on some systems. (Metastorm # DEF14031) (i)


  • Attempting to view connections in the Admin Tools displays a “Bad data” error. (Metastorm # DEF14107) (i)


Updated files:

Process Designer:

Build 1556


Deployment Service:

Build 1556


Web Client:

Build 387


Administrative Tools:

Build 54


Process Engine:

Build 1536



                Build 36


(i)             Previously released as hotfix

(ii)            Previously released as hotfix

(iii)           Previously released as hotfix

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