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This hotfix addresses the following issues (plus those in

  • Loopback chained action sometimes results in multiple redundant action requests. (Metastorm # SR-02032011-0002, DEF16033) 
  • Performance issues on loading a Form in the Web Client when OutputCacheTimeout is enabled. (Metastorm # SR-01252011-0005, SR-01252011-0006, SR-01252011-0007, DEF15986, DEF15987)  

A new entry UseQuickResize setting has been added to the Web Client’s web.config file to improve performance that allows performing a quick but less accurate resizing of forms:


<add key="UseQuickResize" value="1"></add>


The setting can be switched off by setting the value to 0:


<add key="UseQuickResize" value="0"></add> 

  • Loopback actions do not populate the eToStage value in to the eEvent table. (Metastorm # SR-01312011-0012, DEF15972) 
  • In an SSO configured environment with operation logging disabled, or in a non-SSO environment with operation logging enabled, the following error message is displayed while opening a Form having a Status control with drill-down options: "No Engines are available in the Metastorm BPM Server service". (Metastorm # SR-02042011-0001, DEF16069, DEF16087) 
  • Flagged action does not execute on Form load. (Metastorm # SR-01052011-0004, DEF15868) 
  • In the Web Client, Grid control does not refresh its contents correctly when the Grid is dependent on another control (such as Drop-down control) and a selection is made in the dependent control to update the Grid contents. (Metastorm # SR-01262011-0005, DEF16336) 
  • In the Web Client, after filtering a Custom List using a value, removing the filter by using ‘No filter’ does not restore blank value in the filter field and instead retains the value that was entered to filter the list. (Metastorm # SR-01262011-0013, DEF16043) 
  • In the Designer, the following error message is displayed during search if there are Swim Lanes in the search results: “An unexpected error has occurred within the Designer.” (Metastorm # SR-02112011-0006, DEF16329) 
  • During serialization or de-serialization using the JSON JavaScriptSerializer, the following error message is displayed: “The length of the string exceeds the value set on the maxJsonLength property”. (Metastorm # SR-01202011-0008, DEF16432) 
  • Performance issues due to lack of client-side caching of attachments and images. 

A new entry UseBrowserCache setting has been added to the Web Client’s web.config file to enable caching of images and scripts from the engine eAttachmentTable on the client browser:


<add key="UseBrowserCache" value="1" />


This setting can be switched off by setting the value to 0:

<add key="UseBrowserCache" value="0" />


(Metastorm # SR-01252011-0005, SR-01252011-0006, SR-01252011-0007, DEF16482) 

  • In the Web Client, rendering time of Form with Grid control needs improvement. 

A new entry TelerikPatch setting has been added to the Web Client’s web.config file to improve performance:


<add key="TelerikPatch" value="scripts/telerik.js" />


This setting can be switched off either by commenting it or removing this entry from the web.config file.


(Metastorm # SR-01202011-0008, DEF16503)

Post an example, and we will have a much better idea what the problem is. In about 90% of posts, the problem is one of communication. Examples bridge that gap.
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