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Hi All

out of curiousity, can anyone explain to me what does the section i circled in red mean on the attached image.

your response will be very much appreciated

Kind regards

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We have the ability to assign a "priority" (eFolder.ePriority or ProcessContext.FolderPriority) on individual folders, if desired.  There is not fixed meaning for their values, so they could server any purpose depending on what you desire.  The priority range is 1-9, with 9 being the default.  (Also by default, if you don't change the configuration, a 1 will show as red on the To Do and Watch lists.  You could color-code/configure the other status as well if desired.)

This could serve as a "stop light" indicator for things needing peoples attention.  Or perhaps you build something into the solution to change the value as it is processed, perhaps as an "idle count down" as an assist to the user to know what they have to address.

Its use isn't required, though there will/should always be a value I believe, so it can be used however desired.
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