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Okay, so our Metastorm system is still chugging along (V9.3)!

That's the good news!  The bad news is that it's increasingly looking like a 'zombie' system with less and less interest from Open Text.  Even users on this forum appear to have given up the ghost (is there anyone out there?...hello?...).  It probably won't be too long before this site itself disappears.

Therefore, I'm putting out feelers to what might be the best alternative for a BPM system that we can migrate to in the next 2-3 years.

Any thoughts anyone?

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We have had the same "zombie" feeling (I've referred to MBPM being the "unwanted step child" with OT myself, but I like zombie better) since they announced they were going to stop several years ago (only to backtrack and will now keep it up to date with OS/DB requirements).  Alas, due to another large EPR replacement/upgrading gearing up, we will be delayed searching for a MBPM replacement.  We will be upgrading to 9.5 next year since our 9.3.2 OS/DB are doing out of support, so may as well step up -- or so we're currently thinking anyway.

The MBPM forums on the actual OT sites are even more of a ghost town than here, but I check here and there each day, just in case.

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We have kicked off a project to replace MBPM. With no migration path to Process Suite and having already redeveloped everything from v7 to v9; we are ready to move on to something new that is not OpenText.

The MBPM interface and functionality has not changed since v9 came on the scene which is very disappointing and it seems like a lights on project for OpenText.

Does anyone (in Australia) know of any BPM 'neutral' consultants (probably no such thing) or does anyone have advice on replacements systems?
We relying on Gartner reports and what is supported in Australia.


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As per we are just about to move from 7.6 to 9.5 but it is something on our radar.

It does seems strange that there is no clear path from MBPM to Process Suite (which I think is meant to be its successor?)

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Process Suite is indeed the favourite child in the OT brood. Mainly because of its 'Cloud' status, not something they ever tried with MBPM.

Migration is becoming more common however the skills required for Process Suite and MBPM are not the same so the learning curve for any upgrade path looks steep.

Process Suite itself is a very different animal to MBPM. There was some talk of a migration tool but the task is really more than the market would warrant and in truth the tool would have been more useful if it could migrate MBPM to other BPMS toolkits as well.

All this means the migration to process suite is a manual one. There are different elements to consider in the process design too so the process would need to change to 'fit' the new environment. The 'square peg - round hole' metaphor springs to mind.

If anyone is looking for migration advice or consultants to work on a migration then there are still some experienced resources around that understand the implications.
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