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I know I asked on MC2, but responses are generally quicker here, so asking in both places.

On a "web client" URL, it is possible to pass in parameters for values on the form on the URL line.  e.g.:
http://<root>/eForm.asps?...&FilterParams=<fieldname>;<value>;<type> ... such as ... &FilterParams=Target_FolderID;09000012345;Text
(ID shortened, but the basic idea is there)

Is there similar capability when opening via the BPMmobile URL and if so what is that syntax?  FilterParams doesn't seem to work anyway.

If not, I am going to have to abandon using Mobile to collect responses for several processes, which I'd rather not do.  (I'd rather use "native" capabilities verses exposing actions via web services and writing external applications to handle this.)

Users need to be able to click on a link from an email, collect the response, and update, or raise a flag, in the appropriate target directory.

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