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Hi All,


I need to do a program that will send an email and audit if the email was successfully sent without any errors. The easy part is sending the email since we just need to use the method Mtsm.SendEmail. The auditing part is the problem since we think that the method is running in background thus will not be caught on a try catch as what we have tested. Do you have any idea on how we can work around this?

My code is something like this:

   //codes to add the details of the email and tag as email was sent
catch (Exception ex)
   //codes to add the details of the email and tag as email was NOT sent

Another option that we can try is to match the errors on the elog to confirm if there was NO entry of errors on itregarding the email since if there was an error it will not log it on that table.


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I don't know if it will catch all errors, but I can confirm it will catch some errors (such as having nobody to send emails to, such as no To nor CC nor BCC).  I suspect what can be caught will depend on how your email is configured.  If it drops to an SMTP server or service, it won't catch errors at that level since its beyond what MBPM sees.  (Once it drops the email (async I believe), it is out of MBPM control.  That's one reason why we log at least what gets dropped onto the service.  We can confirm it got that far.  Anything that happens/errors after that needs to be chased down by the email group.)

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Agree with BMellert - the SendEmail is async as far as I know it too..

error handling is only semantic to the point parameters are missing and such, not really delivery guarantee.

Checking for "Email sent" is not the same as "Email Delivered" - which is typically what users drive to when they 
ask for "Make sure email is sent". Delivery guarantee is a completely different mess and usually not BPM domain.
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