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So i recently upgraded 2 production servers to 9.2.1 and i tried testing them individually before joining them.  The first server i upgraded went perfectly.  Real straight forward, i was able to pull it out of the team, upgrade it, might have had 15 minutes of downtime while taking down the second server, touching the database, and bringing up the new server. 

While upgrading the second server to throw back into the mix, i was unable to get SSO to work properly by matching all settings from the first server.  I wound up going into the metastorm authentication in IIS and under windows auth -> providers, i had to move NTLM above Negotiate.  I'm not sure why this works.  The first server i upgraded has Negotiate above NTLM and that works just fine.

Anyone else seen anything like this before or have any ideas why this is the case?  Will this cause any issues in the future?
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