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In a drop-down field, we have some client side validation that is executed "On Field Exit". Also, on that same drop-down, we have some server side scripting that is executed "When Changed"

We have noticed in a couple of processes, that everything works just fine when the user selects the value from the drop-down list (this is, both the client side and the server side script runs). 
But on the other side, when the user types in one of the values of the drop-down (not selecting it with the mouse), and exits the field (using tab or positioning the mouse over another field), only the client side script is executed, causing process inconsistency.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Is this a bug or is there some "workaround" that could be implemented to attain this?

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I have not encountered this myself, but then I don't think most of our users use the type-ahead very often.

I have noticed occasionally that "when change" may not fire as you arrow through options.  I suspect in that case its due to the value changing before the prior "when changed" can finish firing.
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