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Has anyone had any experience uploading information to a solution table via the process activator?

We are currently using the process activator to start of a process, we have also managed to add attachments to it. But we need to add some sort of detail to this transaction (multiple rows for a specific folder), which is stored in a solution tabled (obviously, it contains the generated folderid).

What should be the correct way to go? We are trying to avoid writting directly to the table and would like the explore other options as ECL, Process Activator or even flags.

Any help is much appreciated.

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We use the process activator to respond to specific request, but that is only setting variables in a "regular" BO.  It sounds like you are trying to populate a table on the form associated with the action as well.  I have no idea about how, or if the ECL will support, doing that.

It may be worth reaching out to support or the OT forums if other here cannot assist.

Otherwise, (NO idea if this will work, this is off the top of my head) I'd think that perhaps you could insert records into a "load" table, when using the when action completed of the ECL action inserting them into the solution table as part of the action.

Alternatively, (again off the top of my head) we do something like the following, though not exactly what you are trying to do.  Pass the entire contents into a memo field, then parse the results into its component records, again on action completed.  (??)  I do something similar to populate a user-readable memo field, but that is via a flagged action and flag variable, verses a direct ECL call.

Good luck, and hopefully others may have some idea.
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