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Hi All

One of the users just forwarded me the attached error, when going to the service

Below is a error sent to me by one of our users, when i checked the services all looked normal (Status: Started, Startup Type: Automatic(Delayed Start)). i solved this by restarting the "Metastorm Process Engine" service. If someone has encountered the similar problem, please shed some light in terms of what causes this and how to resolve it.



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If the engines are up and running normally otherwise (e.g. other users can connect without issue) I've found this is related to the user a) not having access to the system (seems unlikely from what you state above)
or perhaps if using SSO
b) they changed their network password but have not logged into windows again after closing out of all browser windows (i.e. the "old" validation/connection is still trying to be used.

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what version of Metastorm are you running?
have a look in the event logs (Metastorm and Windows)for more detail and post it on here.

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We get this error regularly and OT have not been able to get to the bottom of it. We are running MBPM Version

The error happens after we have done a number of deployments. Sometimes the engine disappears immediately after the deployment, sometimes it happens overnight. On our test system it happens every day (we deploy on an ad-hoc basis on test). On our live system we deploy changes once a week, sometimes one, sometimes a dozen. On live the error happens every few weeks depending on how many deployments have been done and how big the processes were.

The fix is sometimes as simple as restarting the engine however sometimes we also have to restart IIS or even the whole server. On occasion we have actually had to reboot the server several times before the engine will restart successfully. This indicates that what ever is causing the problem is writing some sort of state information to disc rather than just existing in memory.


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We did get this kind of error a lot a few weeks back when users tried to open an attachment of a process. This occured only for specific processes while others where unaffected (error was also visible in Metastorm log and windows log). We opened a ticket on this error with OpenText, but they have not yet found a cause or solution. 
The only viable solution for us was to restart the Metastorm service. After that all attachments were available again.

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My test environment had issues similar to this and i just created a simple batch file to restart the service, put it in task scheduler to run at 2am every day and i haven't had any issues since.
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