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Publishing Procedure Takes Very Long Time

Last edited: 24 Nov 2004

The information in this article applies to product: e-Work 6.x


  • It takes an extremely long time to publish a procedure. Sometimes the error message "Not enough storage to process this command" is generated and publishing fails.
  • It may take several minutes to open a form in the Designer.


  • This issue is usually caused by the use of large forms containing a large number of form segments. In general, it is not the total number of form segments in a procedure that causes the problem, but rather the concentration of form segments. When you have a great number of large segments on a single form, a large number of bitmaps are created in quick succession. This can be slow and will use a large chunk of resources at one time.


  • There are several design modifications that will help alleviate this problem:
    1. Break up large forms into smaller forms and use chained actions to navigate between forms.
    2. When using form segments, use the same font on the segment as on the main form.
    3. Use static fields instead of form segments.
  • A general recommendation is that a form segment should contain no more that 10-12 fields grouped together, and a form should include three such segments at most.                                         If the segments are smaller, you should be able to use more. The key point is the size of the segment. You may have only two fields on the segment but if it's 10" X 10", it's going to be a large bitmap, which causes problems.

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Post an example, and we will have a much better idea what the problem is. In about 90% of posts, the problem is one of communication. Examples bridge that gap.
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