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"Bob Smith is away, can you reassign his jobs to Fred Jones"

I get these requests all the time for Metastorm and it seems like a huge failing that there seems to be no easy way to do it.

Mostly just Friday afternoon venting, but also wondering how everyone else out there deals with this?

P.S. I'm actually looking at overhauling the way we send our notifications, which would then hopefully let us redirect jobs much easier.  It really can't come soon enough.

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In about 50% of our processes the folders are on a Todo list of a team rather than an individual so it's not an issue. In the rest we tend to use dynamic roles. The folder is on the Todo list of one person and the Watch list of the rest of the team. There is an action which allows other members of the team to 'reassign' a folder from the person it is assigned to over to themselves.

For bulk reassignment we have an admin form which allows you to select a user, process & stage then either copy or move the folders to a different user. I think it was supplied by Metastorm at v7 and we converted it to v9. Although it could be used by 'expert users' we don't trust them and just use it in ICT.

We also use it to pre-populate the alert lists of new starters and when people change job roles.

I've attached a zipped copy.

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zip alert (27.63 KB, 6 views)


Another full day of doing nothing but rearranging zeros and ones. :)
You know it will be a good day when there is no human interaction on the schedule.


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We're pretty similar to Rick in that we have 'Reassign' actions which we tend to make available to line managers and other select users. This has the benefit that you can make sure you are taking care of reassigning any other variables that might need changed at the same time and it is audited, unlike doing the change directly in the database.

I am thinking of looking into something more generic like the 'bulk reassignment' but I don't see how that could take care of situations with dynamic roles used for flow control. I haven't sat down and really thought it out so the solution might hit me when I do but care to comment on this example Rick?


A folder appears on Jim's ToDo List cause he is RoleA holder, he has 2 actions to do, Comment and Forward. The Comment action is available to anyone whose ToDo list it is on, the Forward action is only available once Comment is complete by assigning whoever completed Comment into a dynamic role dynCanForward.

How, in a generic way, could you ensure dynCanForward is also reassigned?


Also, we have a thing called Delegation here which I think was an in house development where users can reassign their roles to other users for a set period of time, exactly for situations like annual leave. It doesn't update existing items on their ToDo list but it does re-route new ones to other people. (When people remember to put it on of course!)


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Roles, dynamic in particular, can also be reassigned by use of a flag to rebuilt the To Do lists once values are assigned.  We don't do this directly but we do do this indirectly for child folders, where a member is from the parent form.

This could be used in the bulk reassign as Rick proposed or after another reassignment activity (back-end SQL update for instance).  There could be other approaches, but this one popped to the top of my head.
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