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Hello all,

I've been getting quite frequently the same error in elog, when calling a .net webservice via B2B integrator, the error is the following:

Unable to execute script entry point 'EPO.WS.Invoke'.
Reason 'Script execution timed out.  
Error: Thread was being aborted.'.
Procedure Script call failed.  
Position: 171 

So I've done all the basic debugging, the .net WS is up and running, with an executionTimeout of 1200 secs (20 mins), defined in the web.config. The WS's WebMethods does not receive any parameters, so maxRequestLength out of the question. In the Metastorm B2B configuration the timeout is defined as 1.000.000 millisecs (~16 mins).
I done some googling to see if there were any similar problems when calling .net WS, but came out blank, so was wondering if this is metastorm/b2b related.

Thanks in advance!

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