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Hi all,

We've had several processes running, where we notify users when a folder has reached a stage and require their action (this stage is based in a dynamic role, in which, based on the folder information the user that has the folder in their to do list varies).

This notification is done one by one (each time a folder is submitted and reaches that stage), but our users want to receive an email once or twice a day with a summary of their pending folders.

Has anyone done this before? Or perhaps someone has an idea on how to implement this.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.


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I do something somewhat related for review of certain types of folders.  In this case I have a separate process generate these because of what else has to be done.  You may want to take a similar approach in that case.  (Perhaps a XXX_Notice process or something.)

When it kicks off, or loops around may be better in your case if I understand correctly, it would select all of the target folders.  From what you write, it sounds like you'd scan eAlert to get the list of folders by person, compose your email.  You can build links directly to folders if needed, or just direct them to the To Do / Watch lists -- that is up to you.
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