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Services Manager and System Administrator Fail to Open After Windows Service Pack Is Installed

                                Created: 27 Jul 2005
Last edited: 04 Oct 2005

The information in this article applies to product: e-Work 6.6.1


  • After installing SP2 on Windows XP or SP1 on Windows Server 2003, errors similar to the following are generated when trying to start the e-Work Services Manager or System Administrator:

    The instruction at '0x017a3a1e' referenced memory at '0x00e602fc'. The memory could not be 'read'.

    Runtime error 216 at 017A3A1E.

    Snap-in failed to initialize. Name:Metastorm e-Work Database Snap-in CLSID:{B0659BFD-F47A-4B33-9545-48AF3233189F}.

    Access violation at address 0007CEAF. Write of address 0007CEAF.

    Access violation at address 0007D76B. Write of address 0007D76B.

                                            Faulting application mmc.exe, version 5.2.3790.0, faulting                                         module unknown, version, fault address 0x00000000.


  • This is related to the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) feature in these 2 Windows service packs when used with certain computer processors. Refer to                                         the Microsoft articles below for detailed information.                                        
  •                                         Either of these 2 techniques should enable e-Work functionality:                                        
    1.                                         Set /NoExecute=AlwaysOff in the boot.ini file.                                        
    2.                                         Add the following files, as appropriate, to the DEP exemption list according                                         to the procedure discussed in the articles below:
                                              mmc.exe (this allows access to the e-Work Services Manager and System Administrator and also to the                                         e-Work property page for users in the Active Directory console)
                                              eUsersAndRoles.exe (access to the e-Work Users and Roles utility)
                                              eDesigner.exe (access to the e-Work Designer)
  • See the following Microsoft articles for further information.;en-us;875352
  •                                 Please contact the Help Desk if additional problems are encountered.                                

Keywords: kb586

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