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Space Causes eworkSetField to Fail for Drop-down

Created: 06 Mar 2006
                                Last edited: 07 Mar 2006

The information in this article applies to product: e-Work 6.6.x


  •                                 If eworkSetField is used to populate a drop-down field,                                 and the option specified contains a space, the drop-down is not populated.

                                    For example, the following will work as expected with a drop-down whose options                                 are option1, option2, option3:
    eworkSetField "Dropdown1", "", "option1"

                                    The following will not populate a drop-down whose options                                 are option 1, option 2, option 3:
                                    eworkSetField "Dropdown1", "", "option 1"                                

  •                                 Note that the option specified by eworkSetField must be a valid option available to the drop-down.                                

  •                                 This applies to the web (browser) client only. Both of the above examples work as expected                                 for the Outlook and GroupWise clients. The option must be present in the option list regardless of the                                 client type.                                


  • This is a known issue.                                

Keywords: kb727 PF27454

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