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Hi All,

can anyone please enlighten me on what would cause loading a form to take very long, this is happening on the test environment: when i am viewing a report, loading a form or visiting the URL it's very slow, it loads for like 1-2 min.

Your help will he highly appreciated.

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Is it only the first time in a day or after a service restart or every time?
A delay for the first time, compared to subsequent times, under these circumstances isn't uncommon as IIS and MBPM cache needs to be loaded/refreshed.

If its every time, compared to production, then are the environments similar (hardware, database, etc.)?  May your disk or database space be low?  Being test, might there be huge tables from multiple version of the process and/or perhaps "run away" tasks from earlier versions of code (making for a huge eEvent or eLog table)?

Otherwise, can you provide more detail on how it compares to production?
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